Monday, April 25, 2011

Atma Ethnic Arts Cyprus

Atma Ethnic Arts is back in Veria Greece.

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So...its been looong since my last post...
And soooo many things happened in between.....with the most important,the shuting down of Ethnic shop in Veria Greece,and the opening of my new shop in.Limassol Cyprus....

As you all understand,after the closing of Ethnic shop, a 22 days trip to Nepal and India, me and my family we all mooved at the big island,and in 2 weeks time ,we had to set our new house and ofcourse our new shop...i mean..this was toooo much..i got to the point to realize how many bones and muscles the human body has....they ache all of them !!!

But no complains...the shop is almost done, and i say almost cause there are details left wich will take some more time to be done..but we are alive..and we are open... and we are happy...
And the name of the shop.."Atma Ethnic Arts"....where Atma means Soul, or higher self in Sanskrit

So take a small taste from the photos..and soon we will upload more,and more ..and we willtell you details about the new situation, about our last trip to Asia..about our new life in Cyprus...

The Shop lies in a beutyful shoping center, at Limassol ,Agora Anexartisias ,Stoa Laniti, shop 21

You Are all welcome.....Namaste !!!!

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